Grow Your Pageviews

My 3 Day Google Search Console Challenge will show you how!

Yes, I Want to Grow My Pageviews!

You've never done a challenge like this before!

The Google Search Console Challenge will show you...

  • How to do a technical checkup to ensure that your blog is set up properly for Search Console
  • How to find the blog pages that are ranking but not getting clicks
  • How to uncover blog post topics that are almost guaranteed to rank quickly
  • How to use your Search Console information to create an action plan for your blog

How The Challenge Works:

  • Each day, you'll get an email from me with a link to the day's assignment.
  • Download the worksheets to print or fill out on your computer
  • Watch the recorded video of how to do the assignment.
  • Leave a comment in the course to ask your questions

I'm Sherry...

I've been a blogger for over a decade, and over that time, I've learned how to increase my traffic using data from Google Analytics & Google Search Console.

I get thousands of visitors to my site each month from organic search, and you can too!

This challenge will start you on that journey.

"But I just don't get

Google Search Console!"

It's time to change that.

  • What exactly is in Google Search Console? You'll learn what data is available to you.
  • Where do I find the data once I'm logged in? You'll know exactly where to look.
  • What do I do with the data after I have it? You'll create an action plan for your blog.

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